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I think the complaints are from people running 5 man content. Remember how in BC there was a trend to people wanting Pally tanks because you didn't need to worry about CC? Now all tanks are much better at AoE tanking and people go into instances not expecting to do anything but let the tank gather the mobs and hold them. Bears have the hardest time doing this (swipe position requirements), so the QQ. In a 25 man raid (or for a very good bear) this issue doesn't come up.


Wow, so the challenge of tanking in Wrath has been reduced to "it's hard to be sure the mobs are in front of me"? What a shame.


Well, it's harder than the "make sure the mob is somewhere near me" that every other class does now :)

I think the move way from CC is part of the whole "bring the player, not the class." If you need a couple of dps who can CC you're restricted to those classes that can CC the types of mobs in that particular instance. But yea, it does lead to very lazy play. I think Blizzard thought a lot about raids and raid composition in Wrath but may not have noticed what they were doing to 5 man content.

And to be fair I think I've noticed a slight AI change where some casters will run a few steps away from you to get a little distance. If they really start having mobs move around on you tanking will be very hard.

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