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I was expecting a nerf as well but my armor actually went up. Of course all bears in my guild have almost identical amounts of armor now (33k-34k) and there isn't really any way to improve it in the future, but a buff's a buff. At least now I can get rid of my level 75 armored cloak.


The real win with the armor change is that we can now use things like Darkmoon Card: Greatness, Essence of Gossamer, and Valor Medal of the First War. I dropped about 2.5k armor (to be expected as I had Offering of Sacrifice, Defender's Code, Staff of the Plague Beast, Gatekeeper, Keystone Great-Ring, Cloak of the Shadowed Sun, and Torta's Oversized Choker) but I picked up a considerable amount of health and dodge thanks to the ability to use new trinkets. Overall I think we got a pretty solid buff.

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