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O to the friggan P


Consider it revenge for years of our delicate Night Elf bones being War Stomped by big, mean moo-cows. (Seriously, it is overpowered. They should remove the threat wipe and drop from combat, just make it a temporary stealth effect.)


Correct me if im wrong but "any threat is restored versus enemies still in combat upon cancelleation of the effect"

How is this a threat wipe? Yes, you will temporarily drop aggro upon shadowmelding but as soon as you pop out you get all that threat back unless the mob is dead. You basically trade zero aggro for a time but can do no damage.

To me it sounds like its only use in raids would be to lose aggro temporarily to allow a tank to catch up or to catch a heal before you die.

Am I missing something?


Simon: I know it says "threat is restored" in the tooltip but that doesn't seem to be how it actually works. Omen3 clearly shows your threat goes to zero and when I have 200% threat over anyone and shadowmeld I don't get aggro back when I resume attacking. Maybe it's a bug they'll fix? Who knows.


I've had trouble staying alive during boss wipes with Shadowmeld, but last night I did better by waiting until I was top threat for the boss before shadowmelding (this was Patchwerk). I remember it rarely worked on Illidari Council because of all that aoe damage. And yes, annoying teammates can intentially kite the boss near a vanished or shadowmelded person to kill them.

I've heard it resets the potion cooldown? I haven't tested this, has anyone else?


It use to reset the potion cooldown, that has now been fixed.

It does wipe aggro, I am not sure if this was intended or not but it does help a great deal when I am fury, 2-3 5-10k crits in a row really push the threat.

 Vull (EU Aggamaggan)

Shadow meld is also great for a 'Vanish' type abilty. For instance if you are fighting in cat form and you want to get out of there and re-open on the dude then you cast shadow meld ( i have binded mine to Shift Q) then cast cat form ( mine binded to G ) then prowl. If you practise you can get into prowl from combat very quickly, obviously its not as fast as rogue's 'Vanish' ability but it is VERY nice you can win a lot of duels and arena from this. Happy gaming my hairy friends :)

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