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The Greedy Goblin would be so proud! =)




Eeesh. Rare gems (red anyway) are at least 80g/gem on my server. Cut or uncut.


Yes, rare red gems are 80g / gem on my server, too. But rare blue ones are only 10g. When you prospect you have an equal chance of getting any colour gem, so it's the average rare gem prices that matters for the math. On my server, the average price of a rare gem of any colour is 25g.

Cainam (a.k.a Sofea)

I agree with Karthis about the greedy goblin. I myself am also suprised at the profit margin for turning simple mats into thigns that sell on the AH. Personally I'm in the inscription business. I buy the cheapest herbs I can find, and convert them to ink (or just buy the ink directly) I can then sell the glyphs I make for typically 3 times the cost of the mats. I know I'm nowhere at the Goblin level of working the AH, but this method is providing me a steady stream of income, and it's only been getting better.


It's a sign of a healthy economy that goods can be sold at a profit. When you're selling a glyph on the AH you're selling convenience and skill. The convenience is that someone can have the glyph right then, rather than have to track someone down to make it. The skill is that it takes someone with Inscriptions 400 and a big research library to make that particular glyph. So it makes sense you can sell them. Same thing selling cut gems: the act of cutting adds value. I'm guessing your 3x markup is 10-20g. I gladly pay 20g to save myself 20 minutes of scrounging something up.

The bulk turning of rocks into dust is a little bit different. There I'm turning one basic commodity into another and it's a bit of an accident that it works. All Blizzard would have to do is require a bit more mats for those recipes (say, a saronite bar) and it wouldn't worko anymore.


I have found that 20 gold seems to be the going rate for my glyphs as well. Some higher...some lower. A stack of Adder's tongue on my server is roughly 36 gold. That breaks down typically into 2 Snowfall inks and 5 Ink of the Sea. That becomes typically 5 glyphs (with the parchment cost of 2.5 gold) Sell those for 20 Gold each. So a profit of 61.5 gold per stack with 2 Snowfall Inks banked.


On our server I'm disappointed at the price of the actual cut gems. I've been doing well with selling some of the new craftable PVP Rings & Neckpieces and had already put some titansteel bars aside.

Flasks are my main source of income and I'll usually sell a couple of stacks per nite at about 25-28g each.

My husband has been selling the new glyphs like a mad man. He has gotten 12 of the Books of Glyph Mastery and is averaging 1200-1500g per day. Nice gold:)

Its a learning process as to what people are willing to pay for items:)


Get rid of any Dark Jade or Shadow Crystals; on average you'll have two. On my server I can theoretically sell those for 1g each, so your stack of ore yields roughly 2g. (In practice I just bank these, not worth the bother).

I cut them into something and vendor trash. You get 50s for regular and 1g for perfect. Not much but better than fighting it out on the AH. If Dream Shards are hot on your server you can use the Dark Jades for 'Jade Dagger Pendant', but most times the margin just isn't there.

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