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I would really look into why Steam is crashing and using 100% cpu. You might have hardware issues in your future.

In any case, I agree with the post. The whole publisher, system, and sometimes even games needing social networks is a bit wonky. I wish on XBox publishers would just use Microsoft's system and on the PC Steam's. But I also understand why this isn't the case all the time.


The Bioware social thing isn't all bad. I'm happy that it has all my games linked there, no being double dipped for DLC. EA has been brutal about ripping people off for DLC in the past, unlocking crap already in the game and stuff. I see this as a positive move on their part. I picked up ME2 thru Steam and also for my 360 as I had some EB gift cards to burn. I got the Steam preorder bonus (Inferno Armor) and the EB/Gamestop bonus (Terminus Armor) on both systems because it's linked to my one Bioware account. It also picked up the Blood Dragon Armor from my Steam DA:O also. Not too bad. I understand the problem with having all these stupid accounts everywhere. Maybe I didn't find it such a hassle because I've long had a Bioware account having owned/registered all their previous PC RPGs.

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