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I think we forgot to mention a guild rule, every time you refer to QSS as casual, the GM /bonks you mercilessly. But yeah, we're not as hardcore as some of the other big-name guilds out there, which is why I applied in the first place, it's tough to maintain a lifestyle were you can be on regularly 3-5 nights a week for raiding (depending on guild schedule and requirements).


Good analysis, Flyv. Sometimes I wish We Know was a bit more "hardcore" but it's a tough balance to strike. I'm really enjoying the site.


Fascinating. So glad I found your blog. This post really covers the difficulties my guild faces as a casual-not-hardcore.


I'm with the above - very good blog. And well, QSS could be - considered 'casual' depending on one's view. I recall playing Everquest - many guilds would require 4 or 5 nights of raiding per week; some of those could run 5-7 hours, and one or two even much more; basically Saturday raids. That being said, I appreciate WoW's tuning of high end content to a more "relaxed" style. I have yet to even really join a guild with any intention of going somewhere. I'm dragging my feet like a politician paying taxes! After years of insane leveling, 8 hour nights on Everquest and getting multiple characters to top level, I decided to take WoW at a fun pace; not a power gaming one. Perhaps I will raid someday; but for now - I'm content with my 3 man guild that I run - a bank tab for each. I plan to read a lot more here so that I'm well 'versed' in what to expect by the time I'm there.

Thanks a ton for the insight - now that I've been playing wow for a year and a half, I've finally settled on the Druid - I just simply love the class (thought I would HATE it at first, boy they surprised me) - now I can get on to leveling and quit annoying my friend with class changes and insane low level gearing up for BG's. Many like to level as fast as possible; I like to keep geared to the teeth the whole time.

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