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You can use pots/healthstones and such in bear form (sorta). Since shifting is client side and pots don't start the GCD you can write macros that use most any consumable and then shift you back into bear. They did some testing and it seems you are VERY unlikely to be hit at all while out of form. Just don't click the macro if you're in the middle of the GCD, or you'll be one dead caster.




Any why is that you don't use a healthstone/health pot macro?

/use Master Healthstone;
/use Super Healing Potion;
/cast !Dire Bear Form;

I'm nowhere near T6, but Gruul has a similar silence issue. I just make sure that my GCD is clear when the silence is imminent (not like anyone's passing me in threat) and pop this bad boy if necessary.


Hi Fly,

I thought you would have Moroes to assist with your emergency options?

I haven't tanked Azgalor yet (usually dps the doomguards), but would be interested in what sort of stats you are running raid buffed for that. I know you're supposed to stop attacking during the stomp or whatever it's called to prevent the extra attacks, but if your healers regularly are able to resist it via some shadow protection gear, I imagine it's not the scary fight it seems.

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