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Trimble Epic

Another benefit is that you can host your WoW folder on a network share, and multiple computers can launch the game from the same folder.

Playing wow only modifies files in the WTF folder, and since each copy of wow played on a different machine needs to log into a separate account, that pretty much guarantees that each computer will not attempt to change files in use by other computers, since the WTF folder contains a separate subfolder for each account.

Doing this also presents a very easy way to manage updating addons for multiple computers at once. Update one copy and each machine uses it, again with addon settings stored only in the WTF folder.

Granted, load times are much slower, but there is the benefit of saving hard drive space of about 4 gigs per copy of WoW not stored.


That's good to know that you can also copy the entire WoW folder over to a Vista machine (with a location change) and have it still work. I knew about the copy from one XP machine to another. It's good to know that will also work when going to Vista. It's a HUGE time saver.


There is also a nice trick for a clean install that does not require long patches/downloads - useful if something in the game is borked and you want to start fresh, or want to avoid the minor Vista headaches when moving WoW from XP. Just copy all the patch files (things like: WoW- from your old install to a disk or accessible drive. Do an install from your original disks. Then copy all of those patches into your new WoW folder before you run the program. When you run it, it applies each patch fast instead of having to download the whole thing.

Voila! Clean install, without all the wait time.


thank u for info ,i've been playing it from my external hd but games hangs for a short time. i bet its because its on slow hd.

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