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Feral druids are going to have to talk to paladins about this one when the blessing needs changing. I know as a general rule we try to replace feral druid's salvation with something else (light or might) and then change back when they ask for salvation on boss fights. It's annoying, but there doesn't seem to be a good way to do druid buffs after blessing of kings is issued out.


I know some druids macro all of their bearform attacks to cancel Salvation. I'm not a macro expert, but it might look something like this:

/cancelaura Blessing of Salvation
/cast Mangle (Bear)()

I haven't tried these macros yet because I haven't experienced any issues with blessings yet, but I may in the future if any problems come up.


There's an addon called damnation. It takes off salv every time you go into bear form. Since I got it I have no problems with salv in bear form.

Although, I still have to remind the pallies to re-apply once I got back to kittying.


Hey, that Damnation addon is excellent. Thanks for the suggestion! Just install it and salv is dropped the moment you switch to bear. More options via the /damn command.


Excellent post. Just last night had an issue arise between myself and a fellow "dps in bear gear with this much trash" versus a feral crying for Salv and Might and everything else. I'm sharing it with the other ferals in my guild, too.


I was going to share my warrior's Shield Slam macro, which does a cancelaura like Fathul's (but cancels both Blessing and Greater Blessing). Then I saw the Damnation reference, and that is absolutely what I needed. In addition to my main Prot warrior, I have a pally (Holy/Prot, can situationally tank) and a druid (will be a tree, but leveling Feral and tanking instances), and this saves me from a ton of re-writing macros.


Like Bouks, I was going to mention my mangle macro (similar to the one posted above by Fathul but a little more robust), but the Damnation link is probably better. If nothing else, it'll save me a macro spot and with all three of those classes, it'll be handy.


You darn fluffy butts and your demanding needs for Blessing this, Blessing that. Geez. :)


One other thing I just found the other day that I hope will be helpful in future raiding engagements is PallyPowerInfo. It's a little (in screen real-estate, dunno about memory) addon that lists which pallies are doing which buffs on you. That way you can find out who you need to bother to get another mini-salv when you're back to kittying (or that strange prot-dps I keep hearing about).

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