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The hit-cap for cats is 142 right? Isn't being hit-capped more important than most any other stat relatively speaking?


It is odd that my +hit is so low, but I think it's right. Right now for me, Toskk estimates +1 agi = +2.96 attack power whereas +1 hit = +2.07 attack power. Ie: agility is about 50% better for me than hit, even though I'm not at the hit cap. So when picking gems (for example) I'd prefer agility gems, even if I'm not at the cap.

I also like to keep my +hit down some so I can take advantage of raid buffs. The hit cap for feral druids is 142. It goes down to about 97 if you have a balance druid in the raid doing Improved Faerie Fire, and down further to 82 if you're in a group with a Draenei. Add in some Spicy Hot Talbuk food and your hit cap is suddenly 62. I never quite use all those buffs myself, but on the other hand if I was at 142 in my gear then those buffs would be useless to me.


Don't forget about Rawr. Toskk's stuff is good, but Rawr will give you personal information more easily



Thanks. I use RAWR as well, but my theory crafting is a bit weak. I wasn't aware of the other buffs/debuffs that benefit hit. I just assumed that if you missed more it would lower your dps. This is an important point for me now as I plan my upgrades. I was focusing staying hit-capped so I wouldn't increase my misses. If, as you say, it isn't necessary for me to stay at or above 142 that opens up my options for upgrades.

Another question I have is what good expertise is for a cat? Since most of the time you are trying to stay behind the mob getting paried shouldn't be a concern. Your thoughts?


This +hit conversation is interesting; I fleshed out my thoughts a bit more in a blog post. I only spent a bit of time on expertise, Willowbear, but Toskk (and my experience) values it quite highly even if you're never parried. It's even better for tanking.

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