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Will Maim interrupt spell casts in phase 2 if you're wearing the S3 or S4 gloves? I ask because once we reach RoS I'd prefer to handle as many interrupts as I can and let our rogues do their thing.


That's an interesting question, Fathul. A bit of searching suggests the answer is yes: see this Elitist Jerks discussion. The tooltip on the gloves reads exactly like a rogue's Kick, too, which makes me optimistic.

Season 3 gloves are not hard to get either, just 900 arena points, no rating requirement. And Maim is awfully easy to use; not even a cooldown unless you count the combo points.

BTW, spell interrupts confuse me. I understand why Bash and unenhanced Maim don't interrupt raid bosses; they're not really spell interrupts, they're a stun and an incapacitate. But I've never understood why Feral Charge doesn't work more often to interrupt spells since the tooltip indicates it's explicitly an interrupt. Apparently it does work against Shade of Aran, something I've never tried before. Of course Feral Charge is hard to use because it requires distance. Even if it does interrupt Reliquary the fight is such a DPS race we can't really afford to wander away to do an interrupt.


Hey Flyv - nice article.

On RoS phase 2, I've never used the maim simply because it screws up the rotation for the rogues/warriors. In a pinch you probably could do it, but I've also heard that the VG/BG gloves are somewhat bugged and only work on players and a few select mobs. I don't think I'd want to chance it.

I've tanked P3 before - on our progression kill. Druids actually do really well here, in that they can powershift to bear and lose all their rage (and then quickly gain most of it back) It took me a try to get this down, but once I did it worked out really well. The hardest part about it is making sure you have a GCD available to shift, which means a lot of mauling but not a lot else. Nowadays we just have our prot pally do it, since they take so much less damage than the druid does.

Also, the seethe mechanic may not be what you want to do. It increases the threat by the entire raid to 200%, not just the taunting people.


Thanks for the comments, Kal. I tried the powershifting in phase 3 the first time but had a rough time getting it right. Will take some practice. And you're right that the handoff may be a mistake with Seethe. Odd that the entire raid gets a 200% threat increase. You'd think that'd be a no-op, except of course you could have your DPS lay off and let the tank get a 2x as fast head start.

BTW, I tested it last night and feral charge does work to interrupt the Spirit Shock in phase 2. Not very practical to use if you're DPSing, but nice to know that it does work. Shame the S3 gloves' interrupt might be bugged, that'd be a shame. I really wish there were a PvE way to get gear with that interrupt effect.


Yeah, the soul scream takes a bit of practice to perfect for rage dumping. I found that you have to do it about .5 seconds before the scream is going to hit. Once I started doing this reliably, I never missed a beat - and this quickly became one of my favorite things ever to tank. It's stressful as all getout, but the reactionary nature of this made it a lot more of an interactive fight, especially as a feral.

You can just have DPS lay off and get a big threat lead. The problem there is that most of the DPS can be alive early on, so laying off then isn't necessarily as good. Plus, a lot of the threat and the damage done is backloaded, so it may not buy you much.

At least in WotLK maim will properly interrupt. :)

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