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I'm just impressed that you survived a laser. I thought they were instant-killers. That's pretty impressive. Never done that myself.

You might consider using staff of the forest lord - it has more avoidance than the wildfury because of the better agi->dodge conversion rate for ferals. Same goes for quite a few of the ring choices. The band of the eternal champion is awesome because of its high agi and high stam. And all that agi is really great for threat. And if you get a gladiator's set, you only need two pieces including the set bonus to be uncrittable. :)

I personally also found it was much better to go with 295 FR gear and an elixir of major agility and elixir of fort, but the flasks might be cheaper in the long run, especially when you're learning the fight.


I remember hearing him say that in the midst of everything, and I went "Ooo". I don't think that he meant it that way though. Knowing him, it was probably, "Flyv's job in Phase 2 is done, and I need to focus on this blue beam thingy...we'll handle it when Phase 2 is over."

Flyv, you were fabulous! My job as warlock tank is nothing compared to what you guys have to coordinate during Phase 2. Great work kiting and communicating!


Thanks for the gear suggestions, Kal. You're totally right about the Staff of the Forest Lord; I'll update the post. I always forget that 2 piece arena gear set bonus, it is a big help. With the FR gear that means shoulders + helm are your only option, but worth considering. As for Eye Beams, they're not quite instant death: it's 20,000 points of shadow damage and I was running at about 22,000 health. But you have to be lucky enough to be at full health when it hits. I don't recommend it :-)

Cassy, you're right about our raid leader's meaning. Really what he was saying was that we were going to be fine through phase 2 and beyond even with me down. That's part of why he's a great RL, he makes calculations like that very quickly and correctly. It just cracked me up :-) Actually I was quite touched, he arranged to get me battle rezzed at about 25%. Once back I was too nervous to go up front and get in the way of the big boys so I stayed back and threw heals at the raid.


Actually I went with helm and chest for the arena pieces. I use thunderguard shoulders. There are other FR gear slot pieces than the badge gear - leatherworking has a couple of nice ones. It's legs, gauntlets, belt, boots, one ring, one amulet, and the cloak for pure FR gear pieces. The head has a +20 FR enchant. The FR gear has various enchants as needed - some is FR, some is just stam. Then the rest is normal gear.

this post isn't quite what I ended up going with in terms of enchants, but it's pretty close. The sticking point was that I wanted to be able to flask as I chose for that fight, so I went for the full 295 requirement. The real nice advantage to it is the amount of damage you can do outside of Illidan; I tend to do around 700 DPS after I'm done, and my threat on the flames is really stellar.


Oh Cassy, please accept my apologies for forgetting to mention the warlock tank in this post! I'm so far away in Phase 4 and you've got it so under control I forgot to mention it. Post updated.


Flyv, you sweetie! No apology required. My point was that you guys make it look so easy, and I know that it is not. I stand in awe. Great job!!!!!!

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