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What will you pay me to code this? :P


Not sure if this is what you're looking for (as it's not something that turns your entire screen into a Mangle disco), but NeedToKnow is a set of timers that tracks buffs/debuffs and shit like that. You can have it track Mangle, Rip, Savage Roar (when we get it) and all that jazz. It is, however, kind of unobtrusive, so you might need to get used to it.


I'm also awesome and forgot to link to it: NeedToKnow.


And this seems to be the graphical rendition of it.


Thanks for the answers! I like NeedToKnow, but it's just another debuff timer, and like I said I'm not looking for that. Karthis did remind me that NeedToKnow has a sister addon, TellMeWhen, that may be what I'm looking for. Will give it a shot when the game is back up.


Check out Power Auras Classic, its great. I have my mangle set as claw marks above my char so I know mangle is still active.

Beroth (Rhus)


I've been looking for something similar. I found something called
Drood Focus
on Curse but haven't tried it yet. It doesn't do exactly what you're asking for, but might cover it. I'll keep looking.


A second vote for Power Aura. It's very helpful.


as a fellow feral druid, I need to ask... why? If you follow a solid spell rotation, your target should never be without Mangle, rip, shred, and rake while you are kitty dps-ing... the only OCCASIONAL issue i find is that Faire Fire may have faded, if you have a bear tanking, he should be pulling with it most likely, unless there are multiple mobs he needs to get aggro on, otherwise, toss it up before you start. i wouldnt expect any target you were attacking to be without the others... mangle shred rip shred rake mangle... repeat until mob is dead. obviously, if you are not behind the target and just killing in mobs, use mangle instead of shred, and rip before you shred.


Don't forget to track trauma. With arms dps being good (or so I'm told), you're gonna find that a lot of the time mangle is not up, but you don't need it to be up (because trauma = mangle and overwrites it).


Hi, have a look at DoTimer, with the new version, if you check/uncheck the simple box, you can set it to give warnings and suchlike for when you do/gain/lose/all sorts of buffs havent got it to work quite yet as i ahve had too many toher things to do, and ahvent got round to it yet. but the tab is there in the options.

Good luck


I tried out both Power Auras and TellMeWhen Both do more or less what I want, with caveats.

Power Auras can be set up to show when a debuff is missing on a mob. The buff name matching is nicely flexible: "Mangle" and "Faerie Fire" substring match all forms of the debuffs and you can even input multiple names. I also like the way it looks. However, there's no indication whether it monitors any debuff on the mob, or just the ones you cast.

TellMeWhen can also show you when a debuff is missing (among other things). And it explicitly lets you set up icons for debuffs you cast vs. anyone's. However, the only name matching for debuffs is string literal, which means you have to have seperate icons for Mangle - Cat and Mangle - Bear (and also for Faerie Fire). It's also a bit clumsy looking.

I'm going to try Power Auras for awhile, hope it works for me. I'm beginning to think a druid-specific addon would be really nifty, one with some extra logic in it to help you manage our new, more complex DPS rotations.



maybe this will help:


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