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I've been monitoring this post keenly, as I too would like to find an addon to replace Auctioneer. I don't like the look and feel of Auctioneer AT ALL!

I've dabbled with WoWEcon, and may go back to it for historical price data, although I'm not sure how many others on my server use it, and thus how many updates it gets.

I've just installed Auctionator, and I LOVE it! For an immediate recommendation on how to price your items based on what's currently on the AH, it's great :)

There's a myriad of "PriceEach" addons that will show a price-per-item for stacks of stuff - I use WoWMatrix, and just picked one that had been updated after the patch.

Hope this helps!



Thanks for the answer! The WowAce guys seem to have nothing. KC_Items has at times done auction stats, too, but it does too many different things for me. I went to Curse and looked for auction mods that had been updated since the patch and found PriceEach and Auctionator, too. They're both quite good and handle all my auction UI needs. Now all I need is a simple, simple mod that tracks historical prices based on scans. I wonder if I can get Auctioneer Advanced to do just that and nothing else.

I'd forgotten about WowEcon. Can you get the mod to show you historical prices based on your own scans, or is it entirely about their centralized database?


Sadly WoWEcon is all about their central database. I've not found anything else with a scan facility like Auctioneer. I'll keep looking though :)


I found one called AuctionMaster. It does exactly what you want and I think it's even more simplistic than auctioneer classic was.
Go here: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/vendor.aspx

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