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That was definitely fun =) Could have goen much worse had I not been in the vicinity.... but like I said, I just have to dps Algazor a tiny bit (goooo Moonfire!) before snoozing through the doomguards.

Algazor himself is a breeze to tank - I never dropped below 50% health (yay healers). I think that saving my trinkets for silences helped that out, mind you.


Yet one more reason to say:
"Man, I love being a druid"


I wish I'd known Azgalor hit so hard. I had to do the same tank-in-kitty-gear thing the other night. 6.6k, 7.1k, 8.8k = dead kitty in bear form.

It is the best thing about the druid class. I just hope in WotLK I can be uber dps and still do something in the OH-SNAP situations like I do now.


Flyv, you and Karthis rocked!!!!! I, too, did not want to face that trash again, even though, we are becoming quite good at it through practice. lol

When you picked him up and handed over the threat to Karthis, I was so amazed with you both and your teamwork. I was so impressed with the healers and how they adjusted. And DPS...we played smart. We actually held off and waited for you two to complete the "pick-up and transfer".

I love when people have to apply their knowledge and experience.


I think that is exactly why I love being an OT with my bear.

As things stand now and how I understand it, we so won't be able to do that in Wrath. :( sad bear

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