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I think the reason is Blizzard wants WotLK out for purchase during the holiday shopping period.


Ordinarily I'd agree with you about holiday schedule, but WoW of all computer games is least likely to be pressured by that. If you play WoW you'll buy the expansion. Certainly BC wasn't hurt by being delayed until January.


I share you concerns Flyv, I really do. But I trust that Bliz has made an educated decision regarding this. The devs always say they build is about 3 steps ahead of the one we seen on beta, they'll have 1 month to fix the most urgent stuff in-between patch day and xpac day. With that in mind and the fact that even if they'd work on it for another 2 years it wouldn't be perfect I believe the game won't be hurt so bad upon WotLK release. Even if ret pallys and DKs are OP right now doesn't matter much to me anyhow, they're next in line to get the nerfbat be it 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after nov 13.

Important thing is they stop messing with my bear mitigation :)


I think they are. I'm not on the Beta, but was playing the PTR and have been following lots of commentary on Beta play and blue posts in the forums.

Basically, they are releasing a patch with new talents and skills while they are still balancing the classes. Hunh?

I think they committed themselves to a date, perhaps because of Warhammer, and now are rushing to just get it out. Remember the fuss when Burning Crusade was delayed? That probably burned them enough they don't want to do it again.

I'm sure we will see major changes to talents and skills in patches, and I fear that some real problems will make it live, and then never get fixed - we all know Blizzard's record on going back to fix broken stuff in live content.

I for one would be happy to wait a month (or even two) and get a better product, but no sales department would agree to that.

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