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Omen of Clarity's proc rate has increased significantly. You can expect about two free attacks in a 30-second time. It is easily the single biggest increase in dps per talent point that you can take as a cat. It's basically required for reasonable cat dps. I'm not taking it, but I'm planning on doing more bear stuff than cat stuff.

I'd recommend taking Feral Instinct; being able to do massive damage via swipe to infinite amounts of mobs is going to just be flat-out fun. But it's not essential and won't help kitty dps that much.

For ease of combos I'd really recommend that second point in primal fury. Even with the cat crit rate down, it's still going to be a very solid combo point generator.

Infected wounds does not stack with thunderclap or any other attack speed slow. It's there in case you don't have that in your raid. For cats it's basically pointless. For bears it's situationally nice and something to play around with if you have the points, but I think for a hybrid build you're pretty much hosed.


Kal, thanks for the comments! How sure are you about Infected Wounds stacking? I've read conflicting reports. And thanks for the info on the improved proc rate of Omen of Clarity. The 3.0 version of Toskk's calculator puts that talent at a 10% DPS boost, so you're right that it's a must-have for cats.

Here's a revised spec that takes the 3 points out of Infected Wounds and puts them into Omen of Clarity, Primal Fury, and a spare point in Protector of the Pack for lack of anywhere else to put it. I'm really curious how Primal Fury is going to work out in cat form. From the theorycrafting I've read it's best to wait when you have 5 combo points before re-ripping, so if combo point generation outstrips energy gain then it's wasted.


I'm 100% positive about infected wounds not stacking. It was tested pretty early on in the beta and found that to be the case (along with the new paladin and DK and curse of weakness slows). Not only does it not stack, it doesn't work on all bosses and mobs currently.

Primal Fury basically increases the total number of combo points by 1/2 * crit rate %. Which is usually about 20% given PTR numbers. Sometimes you're right - those points are going to be wasted. When you shred at 4CP and get a crit, that's a wasted point and that sucks. Other times it's going to allow an early rip. My advice would be to experiment with it; if you find yourself wasting a ton of CP on crits at 4CP, try it without. I personally hate random generation of abilities and avoid them whenever possible.

The other thing Primal Fury does is allows for really smooth offtanking and grinding. With swipe being able to hit more than 3 mobs you can very easily go to infinite rage simply by tanking 6-7 mobs at a time and getting a reasonable amount of crits.

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