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The max cat DPS spec is going to be very similar to what it is now. With no savage roar, there's no reason to do ferocious bite, no reason to do feral aggression, and not enough points to get everything you might want. The only difference is that you will want to rake whenever the bleed is up; it's the best DPE ability a cat has now and will make rotations a bit smoother. This is what I'd recommend:

Rend & Tear is better overall than natural shapeshifter/master shapeshifter is. Manglespam isn't quite competitive enough compared to shred, even with 2pT6; combo points aren't as special without Savage Roar. Omen of Clarity is worth a lot more DPS than Berserk is, which is a shame as both would be awesome.

The basic rotation is similar to before: keep mangle up, keep rake up, shred to 4-5CP, rip. Use tiger's fury whenever you are down in energy - hopefully every 30 seconds. No powershifting, of course.

I've made posts on what I think the strongest 3.02 tanking spec is. It really depends on whether you need to bring some of the utility or not, but you can get all the core tanking talents with 41 points in feral. I'd recommend either 51/10 or 61/0 depending on whether you feel your threat is good or not.

Bear threat generation hasn't really changed unless you've taken King of the Jungle. And even then, not so much. The breakpoint for swipe beating lacerate hasn't been quite discovered yet; lacerate scales a lot better than it did before.

Two really big things on gearing: agility now provides dodge at a 25->1 ratio (down from 15-1) and gives crit at a 40->1% ratio. Between this and diminishing returns on dodge, bears lose a lot of dodge value and end up wanting to stack stam, even at the highest levels. Any piece of gear with armor is far more valuable now, and badge of tenacity will be worn constantly. Pillar of Ferocity may be the best tanking weapon now, not just situationally good. And PvP gear, which hasn't lost its bonus armor, is likely to be the best tanking gear thanks to higher armor and huge stam.

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