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I hate it. HATE it. I'm one of those silly people who are actually trying to play the game on an alt, and level him up before WotLK. Whenever I play at prime time, however, some idiot has nuked half the quest givers in any given town, not to mention the shop keepers. And this doesn't even include the morons trying to grief ME as I'm running around doing whatever quests I fluked into finding live quest givers foe - just the random stupidity.

If I wanted any of this garbage I'd have rolled PvP - I didn't - I want it out of my game, NOW.


Yeah, I understand what you're saying, Karthis. But I'm enjoying it as a break from the same ol' same ol'. Only the lag is unbearable: 4-5 seconds of server delay in Ironforge now. And two minute zombie timers. I don't think Blizzard can keep this going long.


You should be able to take out two guards simultaneously - remember to keep 'Retch' up and stand in the AOE while it is up - it heals you while infecting anyone in the cloud. I was wreaking havoc in Moonglade earlier (my apologies to anyone it annoyed).

This is definitely an interesting event - a little annoying to be sure, but it's a very cool change of pace.


I find myself torn. I've watched in wonder as Honor Hold was overwhelmed. I've been pissed as hell getting infected on the chain going to molten core to get a core hound with a few friends and no one could remove it. I've helped destroy some invasion points. I've stood frustrated at the bank filled with infected NPC's.

My conclusion is that it's exciting. Sometimes exciting is annoying too.


It's good for bored level 70's. It sucks badly for anyone trying to get something done. It's probably extremely miserable for any true newbie trying the game for the first time.


Here is the funny thing to me. The event is working. You are supposed to hate the zombies. You are are supposed to see the world disrupted. The whole point is to make it feel liek the scourge is back, and is causing havoc.

I think it's brilliant, This is way better than scripted events happening around the world. This way it FEELS the world is going to hell. When they reveal a way for you to go and stop the zombie plauge don;t you think your gonna run out and do ASAP? Say for instance there is a cleansing you can do on the boxes to get rid of the plauge ridden wheat. Arent you going ot run out and get it cleaned as fast as you can so you can get back to leveling?

It's brilliant. Blizzard has found a way to make a world event upredictable and evoke the emotions your character would have in that world, without forcing you via a quest. It's just the whats going on in the world.


I have to agree with Althalas. While it definitely is a disruption, it is a BIG event. Also, Blizz found a way to harness the innate @$$hattery shown by a lot of WoW players in order to further to game. It really is quite a brilliant move.

Seriously, it is a pain-in-the-you-know-what, but this is the hand of the Lich King acting here, the biggest, baddest of the bad in all the the WoW universe. Do you think it's going to just be a minor inconvenience? When someone that bad moves, it's going to disrupt everything and cause havoc and misery.

With that said, it still pisses me off at times :-)


Althalas, Kuh, I like the way you've put it.

One of the lost opportunities of WoW is that the game world is entirely static. We do all these quests, kill the big bad guys, and nothing ever changes. Or at best something scripted changes, like phases of the Isle of Quel'thalas being unlocked. Well now the world's changing in a chaotic way, in part through the actions of the players, and it's kind of exciting!

I also like that this is a group event. Far too much of the storytelling in WoW is solitary. Even the 25 man raids, when you get to the story part are individual. But this zombie event is very good at getting casual groups of people working together. "We are the zombie scourge, terrifying Duskwood". "We're the brave defenders killing zombies and cleansing the infected in Ironforge". It's pretty inspired.

Of course all this change and chaos is disrupting the normal gameplay, and I can definitely understand how that'd be frustrating for someone trying to do basic questing now. But part of me feels like we've had plenty of time to play the old game the way it is. Just once, for a few days, it's fun to see something new.


Wake me up when it's over...

I really HATE it. There's a reason I rolled on a PvE server. I don't like being killed by other players. I like to be in control of what I do when.

I'm still trying to quest and level. I'm enjoying doing achievements with my main, and trying to get my alts levelled in the last few weeks before the expansion. Now I constantly find myself unable to do what I want, with flight masters, quest mobs and frequently myself being dead.

It's not fun.

Bah. Humbug.


Sunday things ground to a stop in Shatt on Garona. I've started banking in Area52. The inability to fight back is a mistake. I agree with comments about the design and intent of this new plague, but it's gone too far. Disruptive is fine and interesting. This makes me log off and do other stuff.


Not just you, Beroth - here's another blogger I read:

Tonight I tried to do a tiny bit of AH stuff with my level 44..... may as well have kept the game off. It was pointless - people seem to think it's hilarious to kill everyone in the AH constantly.


We had a bit of a zombie incursion today at the Exodar auction house where I was trying to do business. It was fun. I was on my Hunter, so I turned on undead tracking and laid a few traps to slow down the scourge. And my faithful pet and I took out a few zombies and then I barricaded myself in the auction house room with a Draenei paladin and a couple of shamen. At one point a zombie managed to lumber in and explode on the auctioneers, but my friends were able to cure the disease before it spread.

We won! It was a great sense of accomplishment, defending our little auction house bunker. Now I'm friends with the paladin, and we got to talking about the gem market and I think maybe even agreed to compete with each other a little less. Game events can result in good emergent social gameplay. It can be a good thing.


Here is some good news, there is an epic set that can be farmed from this mess http://www.curse.com/articles/wow-en-news/324156.aspx
start poking around there.


I tend to agree with Alth. I think that the scope of the event has to be large enough to merit the moves in the game. I mean when "We" as a society chose to go to outlands, the motivation was there, but kinda weak. Here is there any question that we now MUST travel to Northrend and put a stop to the Lich King? Isn't this the kind of attack that would lead the forces of the Alliance and Horde to go to war?

However, there is an interesthign detail that is gettign a little washed over right now and I think it's the hint of things to come. When you are turned into a zombie, you're still in control of yourself. That is not typically the Lich Kings MO. Typically the undead have been under the cntrol of the Lich King. It was this loss of control that led to the creation of the Forsaken. I think this could be the kink in armor that will lead to Death knights and all that goodness.

For me for now, I am crushing zombies as best I can (Improved Blizzard kills Zombies DEAD!) When zombified, I try to find a quiet area to nip of and explode myself.


Respectfully, I disagree with Karthis. The event is not working. I have several friends that have stopped playing the game and don't intend to resume until this is over. When you cannot even visit the AH to get a few items without getting infected that is unacceptible. Blizzard broke the fun of the game and has disenfranchised a significant percentage of their user base. Not Smart. If someone's PVP flag isn't set, then they should be able to mind their own business and continue on their way.

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