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Any idea how this stuff stacks up to early Naxx gear? Some of it is quite pricey for penny-pinching bears like myself.


I haven't compared specifically to Naxx. When I say "4th best" I mean it shows up #4 on Toskk's lists.


Other things to mention:

Titanium Earthguard Chain
Titanium Impact Choker

Both look awful tempting


FWIW, I've already upgraded the necklace, shoulders, and cloak in my tank set. The Kirin Tor revered legs are awfully close to the ones above, too. And the DPS ring may not be as good as I thought. So if you're looking to save money, you may want to not do what I did and just wait for upgrades from other sources.


Hey Flyv. Constanza here from We Know.

My thoughts and yours mirror (although I'm not weighing 4pc T6 bonuses...)

I ground Kirin Tor to Revered to get the pants and staff, and naturally the day after I enchant my staff the Heroic Utgarde Keep one drops.

Pre-nerf, do you think the Nerubhide Cape is still superior to, say, a 505 armor back from regular Stratholme? I know this is an AH posting, but I was curious.



Hey Constanza! Post-nerf, Toskk says that the Flowing Cloak of Command from Stratholme isn't as good as the Durable Nerubhide Cape. It's only got 140 base armor for the multiplier and a lot less stamina. Toskk's calculator is already doing post-nerf calculations and I'm too lazy to do the math pre-nerf, but I'd guess pre-nerf it's pretty close.

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