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Hi FlyV,

I was on holidays overseas when the patch came out and so when I returned, I was anxious to get some raids in, so I hurriedly bought the Maul Glyph and added it just before the next BT raid. Halfway through the run, I got a whisper from the MT, asking if I was doing anything weird because I was pulling his *misdirected* skull target off him by mistake on some pulls. It was then I realised that I might have to change my normal FFF and queued up Maul pull sequence. Like you say, the spread of the second Maul hit is very wide: I was mucking around with the Tellmewhen debuff monitor on the Test Dummies in Stormwind, and I was continually hitting the dummy 5 yards along with my Mauls.

I'm guessing that in nasty heroics in future, it might be back to the Shred Glyph perhaps. I just can't bring myself to use the Frenzied Regeneration one.


Frenzied Regeneration is such a useful skill now,a nd the glyph makes it even more amazing. I don't see why people dislike it.

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