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What about the Austere Earthsiege Diamond metagem? +32 stam and %2 increased armor (to EVERY slot, even trinkets, rings, cloak etc.)


I completely forgot about meta gems, Douala, thanks for the reminder. I've updated the post. Has anyone tested yet if the 2% applies before or after the bear multiplier? 2% spell damage reduction is also appealing...


I've updated the post again: several rare cuts are missing from the game at the moment, so I updated my list with the best available gems today. I'll update again once Blizzard puts the missing recipes into the game.


Ghostcrawler said recently that the 2% armour increase applies to everything, so after bear multiplier, thick hide and the new SotF update. Set the 5th comment here: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/26/12891372479-upcoming-hunter-changes-part-iii.html.


You can always eat food buff that give +40 hit rating... that give you option to choose the gems you want to.


I was always wondering, for pure feral cat dps, is str better than gemming for agil? I see lots of people telling me to gem for delicate for the 16 agil, but with the bold 16 str, i can get twice as much attack power.

So are they wrong? Should i still gem for str over agil to get twice as much attack power? or does the minor crit you get from gemming agil make up for the loss of ap?

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