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Hi Flyv - I know what you mean about the huge Stam rating on the bear formulas - it's almost ridiculous. One of things I keep hearing is that it's the number one priority till you have "enough" - and no one seems to be able to define that amount with any confidence. So, it's supposedly worth 7 points per 1 Stam, but drops fast once that point is reached. That's not something that Pawn can model though. I used your level 80 scales above and then realised that since I rerolled a new druid at the beginning of WotLK (which is now level 63)- these scales are completely wrong for me. Even the level 70 ones are probably a fair way off. I was hoping I wouldn't have to individualise them. Would I be better served using just the 70 scales as I level?


These scales are going to be way off for anyone under level 80. If I were you I'd ignore it; just pick up a bunch of stamina and agility for tanking, strength and agility for DPSing, and otherwise pick the armor based on what looks best :-) Once you get to level 75 or so I'd start looking at these rankings.

The "enough stamina" thing will just have to develop, I think. I definitely experienced it in Burning Crusade, mostly through the problem of not having enough stamina after heavily agility-optimzing my gear following Emmerald's high gear list. Part of what the ranks above reflect is the diminishing returns on avoidance stats like agility and dodge. Too bad bears can't block, but we have high armor from trinkets and rings to make up for it. Oh, wait.


Awesome! I'd never heard of Pawn before. How do you get the ratings for gems? Just do * stat?


There's two ways to get ratings for gem sockets. The hard way is to figure out what the best gem is and do arithmetic. Ie, for tank gear your blue socket gets +24 stamina, so it's worth 24 * 7.2 = 172.4. The easy way is to just ask the Toskk calculator to show you the values for gems and plug them in. Be sure you set up Pawn the right way to respect gem values: you may well decide to put blue gems in yellow sockets and Pawn's smart enough to decide whether the socket bonus is worth it.

Meta gem sockets are trickier, I fudged it by clicking the little metagem box in the Toskk calculator and eyeballing it.


Flyv, curious to know what bear Pawn scale you use now in 3.0.8 with the armor changes. I'm really having trouble finding one online. Let me know, thanks!


Jeremy, the simplest thing would probably be to use the Emmerald scale I recently posted. I could argue with details but it will generally set you right. Another option is Rawr, I believe it has a Pawn output. I cant't really recommend Toskk's Bear TTL calculator now because he hasn't put much work into modifying it in the past couple of months. Hopefully there will be an update soon.


Thanks Flyv, love the informative posts!

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