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I never thought I would use or enjoy an addon like QuestHelper. Indeed, when I first tried it, there was so much "crap" on my screen I just immediately turned it back off. With the xpac release, I gave QH another shot, after 2-3 days of marathon WotLK leveling, I can say I don't want to go without it!

Some things that increased my enjoyment:

* Open your map and click the QuestHelper button to hide/show the addon
* Right click the QuestHelper button to bring up the settings menu
* Disabling the waypoint arrow
* Disabling the quest tracker
* Enable the Zone Filter (I wished this worked for the tracker too)

Now, the only thing I see is when I bring up my map. I can see the quest objectives clearly and the marching ants tells me what QH thinks is the closest thing to do.

I had to turn off the QH tracker because it became cluttered when I had quests in other zones and /or dungeons that I didn't really care about. I still use QuestsFu for tracking the quests that I manually say to track.

I still feel like I get to enjoy the storylines behind the quests without the BS of finding something hidden in a conc shell on the bottom of a lake. ;-)



Use tourguide instead of Questhelper. Questhelper is having some issues right now and uses a ton of memory.


Questhelper's working OK for me. But always interested in something new! Does TourGuide have good data for Northrend yet?


I think I've been having issues with LightHeaded lately and I can't figure out what they are. It keeps telling me it has detected addon conflicts, but won't tell me which addon they're complaining about. Maybe it's quest helper.

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