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One cool thing is the number of group quests, which help since people often look for a healer for those. For people leveling toons straight out of Outland, it's a good opportunity to get their healers in groups to help level and to help DPS toons level faster as they don't have to stop as much between fights. Not only that, but a lot of the individual quests seem to adapt well to group play, especially early on when everyone needs a lot of the same mobs anyways ("tag the mob" is always easier with 1 5-man trying to tag it for everyone than 5 solo players doing it).


One thing to note Flyv, is once you hit Storm Peaks and Ice crown there is so much "phase" that happens unless someone is in the same place on questlines as you, you are not able to help or even see them.

Tene and I were in the same cave kill mobs and we could not see each other nor when I killed one could she loot it even though it was her loot.

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