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Why did you decide to take Nuturing Instinct? Do you do a lot of instances? I thought it didn't help your iLotP healing, only heals others did on you. I'm also confused about Feral Instinct, did you grab it just for the happy-happy-fun-time swipe spam? I just put those 5 points in Feral Aggresion for ferocious bite finishers (still not too big yet, 6.1k is the biggest @ 70 so far).

Are you enjoying Infected Wounds? I put those points into Rend and Tear instead.


I explained my thinking about the levelling spec in an earlier blog post. Nurturing Instinct increases the ILotP self heal (but not the party heal), and for me also about doubles my healing spells. Feral Instinct is both for swipe and for better stealth. The jury is still out for me on Infected Wounds and PvE. I do miss Rend and Tear.

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