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Damn. I missed that too. I'm ashamed to say that I'm an enchanter AND I have that enchant. Relatively rare doesn't even begin to describe how often that drops. I've seen it drop exactly once in all my time in Kara. Luckily I won the roll. :D


Hit rating is great when raiding, since you need 142 to cap it at 9% for mobs (bosses) 3 levels above you. But for leveling to 80, I'm trying to re-gear and re-gem to drop as much of it as possible. Because for equal-level mobs at 70, you only need 79 hit rating for 5%. That requirement will go up as you level, but new gear will have a lot of hit rating because they are making us share more gear with rogues. And of course new gems and enchants are loaded with hit rating if you want to upgrade them while leveling too.

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