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I'm sorry that my question isn't directly about this post but you mentionned your guild having a hard time at first on Grobbulus and I find myself in the same situation.

We just started Naxx this week as a guild and cleared all 3 other wings without too much trouble. Got Patch on our 2nd attempt but got stuck on Grob for a couple hours before we called it quits.

Could you tell me what is that "better positioning" your raid leader came up with please?

If you help my guild past this I'm confident we'll clear the whole since many of us already have experienced it with pugs.



Sure I will tell you the change.

Make sure your Main Tank does a huge kite around the out side. And when Grob injects your MT (poison cloud below Grob) move him 2* the size of the space. Raiders then run to the wall between the previous injections.

Here is a great explination of the fight/tanking it/positioning


You may need to create a login, but these videos are amazing for all raiders not just tanks.


You can watch the Tankspot video on Youtube. As Vak said, the key idea is the main tank moves Grobbulus fast enough that there's gaps between the circles he puts on the ground. That way your party has a clear spot near the boss to move to when they get the disease. Before then we were trying to kite Grobbulus in a very short, tight path and drop the diseases far away: too much confusing movement.

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