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I don't think Loken's helm has a meta slot. There's also the option to use badges to pick up some of the pvp gear. The savage gladiator's dragonhide helm is only 45 emblems of heroism, and is comparable to the shroud of darkness.


Also, if you don't want to use your emblems of heroism on a blue PvP piece, you can just grind up 60k honor or do arena a few weeks and get 12k honor.

You can also get this one a 2nd time for a tanking piece and put an Austere Earthsiege in it.


Thanks for the corrections, I've updated the blog post. I filtered out the PvP gear in my search but given how few PvE options there are, you're right it's a good choice. Here's a list with PvP gear included. The ilvl 200 rare is 45 Emblems of Heroism; the ilvl 200 epic is 45 Emblems of Valor. Be warned, though, Toskk's model puts the epic Hateful Gladiator's Dragonhide helm well below any of the PvE drops, including several without meta sockets; I guess Blizzard was serious about nerfing PvP gear.

Another option becoming available in 3.0.8 is the Titan-forged Leather Helm of Triumph for 40 Wintegrasp Marks of Honor. Looks to be a decent tanking helm, too.


Yeah, I've been checking out the Titan-forged as well. I'm really not a big fan of PvP, nor do I have much if any resilience gear left. Wintergrasp does sound amusing though, so maybe the grind won't be so bad.

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