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I agree auctioneer is horribly complicated (at least for me). Do you know if there is a way to view time line graphs of items prices, or any addon that does it? I would love to be able to see the trends in how item prices rise and fall over the week or month...


Sel, I've not seen anyone draw graphs of prices like that. Beancounter has the data available to show you graphs of your own sales and purchase prices because it records individual auctions. But I think most of the stats modules just store rollups and averages, not individual prices back in time.



wowecon.com will do historical pricing graphs. They have an addon that will allow you to view the pricing data in-game, but I found it somewhat inaccurate and a memory hog.


Auctionator is a great addon. I use auctioneer to update pricing data, either Advanced Tradeskill Window or Skillet to view my tradeskills, LilSparkysWorkshop to view auction prices inside the tradeskill window and Auctionator to post the auctions.

LilSparkysWorkshop will put pricing data next to each item in your tradeskill to tell what each is selling for. I post 60-80 glyphs on the AH a day and this helps a LOT with what I should make instead of searching the AH for every glyph that's selling above a certain price point. The only caveat is that the pricing data in that list is more of historical pricing, so I use that as a quick reference, then mouse over the glyph to tell me what the undercut pricing is.


Wow, you wrote your own add-on? Props to you! I can't even imagine. I got excited when I figured out how to get tooltips from wowhead in my blog... nowhere near as awesome as writing your own add-on. =P


Thanks for the suggestion of Lil Sparky's Workshop. It works a lot like Fizzwidget's old addon that helps you find what might be worth making and selling. I'm curious, does selling glyphs work well for you? I used to try but it felt like only 2 people ever bought a glyph on any given day and 15 scribblers were all busy undercutting each other for the sale.

Averna, yeah, I've written a couple of addons. It's not too hard if you're comfortable with computer programming, although the APIs into the game are not well documented. I've been meaning to write a blog post introducing how to write addons. I wouldn't recommend it as a "learn to program" exercise though, it's a pretty awkward programming environment.


Quick side note - Flyv, thanks for taking the time to make those comments on my blog about the overheal ticks. That makes *way* more sense to me now. Really interesting stuff =)


Adder's Tongue is the cheapest of the 3 that provide a 50% drop rate herbs for Icy Pigment and goes for an average of 44g/stack on my server. Deadnettle for instance will average 28g/stack. At 2-4 Azure pigment per mill, and 8-16 per stack, I figure anything taking Ink of the Sea with an undercut of 10g+ I'll make a profit. I only post 2 of each glyph (sold individually) that undercuts for that 10g+/glyph and I usually post 70-80 auctions each time. On a decent day I'll pull in about 400g-500g, with some of the glyphs still on the AH selling the next day. For some reason I seem to be the only one selling Glyph of Hammer of Wrath and so set my price at 35g and they fly off the shelf. At first I only posted a limited list of glyphs that I knew would sell until I got Lil Sparky's Workshop and realized this was a much more efficient way to go about it. I could make more profit by buying and milling the cheaper herbs for Ink of the Sea, but I'm still trying to make my Greatness Card, so need the Icy Pigment.


Hey Flyv, really glad you liked my Auctionator suggestion, I'm still loving it!

Thanks @Douala for the LilSparkey'sWorkshop suggestion - I'd been wanting something that would tell me which were the most profitable glyphs to make, and that looks perfect :)

I still can't bring myself to use AuctioneerAdvanced, and I have been using AuctionMaster instead, which is much less confusing and complicated, and fulfills all my AH scan needs. However, having had a look at the list of Auction addons that LilSparkey'sWorkshop will take data from, I've just discovered AuctionLite, which appears to do what both Auctionator and AuctionMaster do. I'm going to try it out and see how it goes. I'm all for a simple AH experience :)

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