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For what it's worth, you did a great job! My only complaint was that we couldn't pull trash faster.... but that was mostly because a healer was the master looter, and thus we were essentially 4-healing an AOE-fest. Badness.

I also enjoyed a chance to NOT TANK... and had a fun time competing for top DPS overall :P I think pre-Naxx I had that goal met (including trash, which is almost cheating with berserked kitty swipe) but Malygos didn't like me, and focused on me twice in a row at one p[oint, thus killing my rotation. Will be fun to look at the wws when it is put up.



I must thank you again for taking care of last night. And I do agree, not having to lead or think about leading once I came in it so much easier to dps, I never noticed, but a couple of people were talking and I actually looked at stats. 10-20% over my best nights, I will sacrifice that to lead every time, but for me it was nice to know the other officers could step right in and do the stuff.

Thank you,

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