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It would be interesting to see Naxx/25 vs Naxx/10 numbers. Until last night, I had never stepped foot in Naxx/25, but I have cleared Naxx/10 several times.

Regarding hOculus, I think the fear is a bit overrated. I've done it with a pug without much issue. Now finding a group for hOK is just about impossible from what I can tell. I still haven't done hOK.


If only we had Armory data from BC as well. I would like to see the average time to complete heroic 5-mans between BC and WotLK, and Kara vs. Naxx10.


One more thing, I was looking at the Armory Data Mining Blog and noticed (based on gear per slot) that Naxx/25 appeared to have more attendance than Naxx/10. That, too, shocked me. I would have thought just the opposite.


Felkan, I did a quick one-off report on Naxx/10 for you. 50% of level 80s have completed Naxx/10 (vs. 40% for Naxx/25). Average days to completing Naxx/10 is 46 (vs 59 for Naxx/25). I don't have a quick way to look at who does Naxx/10 vs. Naxx/25, that'll require some more work but I'm interested in that kind of thing.



If more folks have done Naxx/10 than Naxx/25, how is it that the Armory Data Mining Blog's gear list, shows more Naxx/25 equipment? Weird. I guess I was only looking at Druid numbers, so maybe Druids run Naxx/25 more than Naxx/10 whereas a few other classes are the opposite??

Interesting stuff, really.


I haven't tried to compare to the gear list. But two quick guesses.. Naxx/25 drops more loot per boss than Naxx/10, although then again more people are rolling on it. Or else Naxx/25 gear is upgrades for Naxx/10, so if you're just looking at what's equipped you're going to have a bias towards better gear.


+1 on Flyv's comment. We are all loot whores at heart, and perhaps the loot in Occulus isn't as great as that in Naxx. Other possible theories are that the badges aren't worth it in Occulus due to people's aversion to the uniqueness of the fights in there, and that Naxx runs are often mandatory guild runs, so people have to go.


Going back to an old post here - would you have any interest in running this query for yogg-saron? i'm curious how many people have killed him at at this point.


Good question, Alisha. Your answer is 3%. Much more detail here.

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