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I could not agree more. Though Ulduar is clearly the shining star of the patch, it seems as though all of the creativity was put into the mechanics of the encounters rather than the narrative purpose behind it all.

I am also curious how many failed attempts at vehicles we will have to endure before all is said and done.


I actually disagree on the vehicles. I have found them to be a welcome change in the game. Interestingly, I was not expecting to like them.


Every vehicle needs the ability to strafe. Sorry don't care how unrealistic it is but the lack of fluid movement in tank type vehicles drives me insane.


I know this is a week late, but not knowing the story behind Ulduar is just... odd.

Just opening the Son's of Hodir reputation tells the story of 3/4 of the Keepers of Ulduar (Thorim, Hodir, and Mimiron are all mentioned / discussed). Freya also makes an appearance in Sholazar Basin.

The "bonus" bosses are just that - bonuses. No more explanation is required (just like we didn't need a real background story on the 3 drakes in BWL :)).

And of course beyond that we have Yogg-Saron... and he was mentioned by a number of NPCs throughout the early Northrend. Basically anywhere you say "faceless ones" or other such "insanity" mobs, there were hits about the Old God behind it all.

So while I can understand some of the complaints (lost of people don't like vehicles, PvP is still screwy) I can't quite agree with that aspect. :)


I agree with you that Patch 3.1 has lots of cool content, but it is utterly lifeless.

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