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You were an excellent raid lead, my friend - I really enjoyed all of the nights you were in charge.

I think it really says something when you can leave such an immersion game without begrudging the experience you had while there... so many people get so bitter with their old game, and seem to forget all the good times.

Game on! And keep in touch.


I have to wonder if there would be as much QQ about hard modes if they were the "normal mode" and you had the option to engage "easy mode" for reduced loot, etc.?


My Druid Kitty is QQ.

Good luck mate!


Noes! I don't even have a druid and I read your blog!!!

With everyone leaving, I'll actually have to post things on MY blog!

On the other hand, I totally understand :)

Have fun out there in the real world, and if you come back, I won't mind.



I am on my third "break" from WoW, and possibly because this one was unplanned (freakin real life), it has much more of a "why do I want to go back" feeling to it. Really, the only thing I miss is the social aspect, but oddly, sitting down with friends talking for hours on end is somehow filling that void :-) Still, I look forward to playing with you again in the next big thing that suckers us all out of our lives for an inappropriate amount of time!


aw flyv, you just made me sad again. And you'll miss the new druid forms!!! :P

Anyway, good luck man, it was a pleasure to have raided with you.


Take care man. Hopefully you keep blogging about something because the site makes for a solid read. Best of luck :)

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Oh man! You can lie low for a while but don't quit. You'll miss the new druid forms that will be released this coming patch XD. Seriously, I understand you. I also came to a point that I want to leave the game since I felt I'm living in a virtual world literally and everything that existed doesn't seem real anymore which should be the other way around right? But then, I realized that it's up to me how to balance stuff and it's heart breaking for me to leave the friends that I made in the game. I haven't seen them but still I know that the friendship is real. So, I came back but this time I play moderately. Anyway, goodluck and we hope this is not the last time we hear from you.



You and Karthis redefined so many things for me over the last year plus. I learned a lot from both of you, but I understand you leaving. I left for real life, but the game bored me and nothing even ulduar attempts to bring me back.

Good luck in love and life, if you desire you know how to reach me.


Sorry to hear that, man. Leading a raid in any capacity can really wear on you. Hopefully you'll keep posting and I'll keep reading. :)

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This is sad. You can still play for sometimes. You might want to visit and raid again. Keep posting!


I too have enjoyed your blog, and I feel many of the same things you do. Summer is here, I need to train HARD for my 300 mile Make-a-Wish foundation bike ride in 2 months, new job, etc.

I log on because I enjoy Emory and the raid he's put together, but really that's about it. I think Bliz may have dropped the ball a bit with how they designed this expansion. On the one hand, a social guild putting in 5 hours a week can do fairly well fairly fast, but really, what's after that?

Enjoy your time away. Teach Karthis Eve.


Geoffrey Chisnall

good luck with what you are going to do, it was great reading your blogs!

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