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Hi Flyv,

I tried to look at the site, but apparently IE isn't supported - is that me or a site issue?



Nope, it's not you: site doesn't work on IE. There should have been a message explaining it in place of the graph, let me know your IE version if not. Unfortunately IE doesn't support SVG.

Chris Z

I love it. I also spent a lot of time working on a visualization of gameplay but this one shows time vs enjoyment for single-player games. I wanted to do it in Ajax and scripting but I thought it was critical to add comments and descriptions so I was left with a flash implementation. Check it out though: http://howlongisthisgame.tumblr.com/

Strange how frequently graphs and gaming end up together. I can't tell if it is the nature of the medium or the people who play them.


Hey, Chris, I like the site! Thanks for sharing it here. As for graphs and gaming, I'm content with the explanation that I'm just a big nerd. But nothing beats Eve Online. Not just graphs, spreadsheets!


I just ran across this site on google, very cool!

Link love incoming. =D



Thanks for your comment, Wargrimnir. I'm on the verge of shutting the site down almost entirely. No one visits it, and I stopped playing Warhammer. I'll keep it online until it's a problem though.

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