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Yikes - none of this sounds good.


That sounds awful. I have to admit I started laughing uncontrollably when you mentioned the goofy looking characters generated by messing with the sliders. My husband did that in the Aion beta, and it made me think of that so I know exactly what you mean. That really had me laughing!

We Fly Spitfires

I was really excited when I first read about Star Trek Online but from what I've heard from people's beta impression, the game play sounds to be lacking. It's a real shame because the IP has so much potential.


I have been playing the game since closed beta and i'm still undecided as to whether or not i will buy it. Unfortunaltely i haven't been able to get to level 10 to see another ship and i don't think i will either before launch, which is a shame (my character got wiped 3 times in closed beta, and without a group or doing a lot of pvp i don't really know how anybody gets so high level so fast, unless they play all day long all the time, which is only possible now because playtime was limited in the closed beta).


Thanks for a very informative (and ironically humorous) review. As an ST fan, I would have been willing to participate in an imperfect launch, as long as my support contributed in some way to future development worthy of the brand. But from the sound of it, this effort may be entirely misbegotten from the start and doomed to be abandoned. I can't sink time into that, despite my anticipation. I'll wait for post-beta reviews, and hold purchase for now. You may have saved me many wasted hours, thanks again.


I have greatly enjoyed my STO experience. I will just go ahead and say I am Star Trek fan boy, but if the game sucked I wouldn't have signed up for a life time sub. Headstart launched on Friday at 1pm EST and I hit Commander 1 (level 21?) this morning. There are some throwbacks to classic episodes, there is one with the portal that Bones jumped through and got sent back in time. Ground combat has become much smoother since Open Beta. Space Combat is great!! You really can't get a feel of the game without putting around 20-30 gameplay hours in. The basic ship is like playing WoW lvl 1-9, it sucks! The game starts at lvl 11 (Lt 11), the game then "begins" at level cap in WoW, I think it will be the same in STO. Back in WoW (pre=BC) the game sucked until you hit 40 and got a mount, so I am not sure why everyone is so quick to destroy a game because it doesn't give you everything like WoW. I want some challenge...as long as that challenge isn't trying to find out when the server will up and running. Just my opinion


Glad you like it, TK, and I hope your lifetime subscription gives you many years of fun. I hate that I bagged so hard on STO because I really do want to support the game. But, well, my experience was terrible. Even after the UI patch that came out mid-open-beta. It's good to know the game picks up at level 11, but I have to disagree with you about WoW: levels 1-9 are super fun, particularly the first time. A game that only starts being fun after 30 hours hasn't got long for the world, I fear.


I'm not sure why so many reviews talk about how innovative the space combat is. This has been around in Star Trek games since 1999 or earlier (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek:_Starfleet_Command for an example) and the basic 2D maneuvering, weapon ranges/arcs, and hull (shield) strength have been in plenty of naval combat games. The space combat might as well be a direct copy of Pirates of the Burning Sea, except with different graphics. Oh, yeah, and PotBS had different ammunition for disabling an opponent's rudder, sails, crew, etc.

If the best thing about the game is the way you have to "fly" (in 2D?) in circles to bring your weapons to bear on an enemy ship, well, that will get old quickly.


I'm a Trekkie and not ashamed to admit it, and I play the City of Heroes MMO. After almost 3 years of City of Heroes, I am still not bored with the game. On the other hand, even being a total Trek fanboy, it took me two days of playing a 10-day "guest pass" trial period to get bored with it.

(Though it was fun to fly around in a ship called the U.S.S. Crunchy Frog)


I was so disappointed with STO i so wanted to like it, after waiting all this time for this crap. I certainly wont be buying any cryptic titles in future, like the poster above i am a Star Trek fanboy, but this games sucks monkey balls. thre are better ftp's available. On a side note im enjoying FE, the free 10day trial is available, and i think im goona sub for a while, was not expecting FE to be as good as it is, still go pleanty of potential.

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