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No buzz for ME2? Really? I'm hearing about it everywhere I read/listen. Strange. I mean, the MMO bloggers don't care about it, but most other gamers seem to have something to say. Personally I need to play the original before the sequel.

War and Peace: played a few games, and don't see the appeal. I like Civ, but I guess it must be about the micromanagement more than whatever part this little game tries to distill.

Thankfully I don't miss WoW (or MMOs) at all; they're so dry compared to single player/traditional games.


I am playing ME2 right now on Xbox, and I can't put it down! I wish I had played the original, just so I can know more about the history of the storyline. The game is great, love the story/graphics/action/RPG elements. The game is very engrossing and every night, I put it down, always looking forward to the next time I can play.

I gave in to WoW again after a 5 month break, raided for a month and realized it just isnt worth the time investment, and quit again. I keep thinking I will go back for Cataclysm, but I just don't know.


Thanks for the responses! I must be reading the wrong blogs about ME2 :-)

Brian: is the Xbox version of ME2 good? UI usable, graphics look good? Dragon Age is so much better on the PC than the Xbox, largely because of graphics. OTOH the original Mass Effect was better on Xbox than PC. Choices are difficult.


I think it looks fantastic on Xbox. That said, it may look even better on PC, I'm not sure. I just chose Xbox because some of my friends have it on Xbox and we have a fun little competition with achievements. If the PC is better, I still don't think I am missing out, because this is a very well-polished game!

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