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There's another addon which serves the same purpose as GS, which I call "GS for people with a brain".
It's called Elitist Group and in addition to giving the average ilvl, it also analyzes the consistency between the spec and the item types/gems/enchants. So you get four numbers: ilvl and three percent values which indicate the amount of appropriate gear/enchants/gems.
The problem with GS is that while a up-throught-the-roof value will indicate a good player, average values can be anything from complete incompetence (farming heroics doesn't really need much effort) to an extremely skilled player on his way to gearing up.
With Elitist Group you spot the difference instantly: as soon as you see someone with ANY ilvl but 100% appropriateness of stuff gems and enchants you can be sure that s/he know what s/he's doing. And it usually shows very clearly in positioning or DPS rank in recount.

So my suggestion is to have a brain and switch to Elitist Group :)


Thanks for the suggestion of Elitist Group. I checked it out quickly and like some things and don't like others. The UI doesn't work for me, too clunky and complicated. I love how GearScore just puts the number in the player tooltip. I also disagree with some of their ratings, particularly Xing out PvP gear. Sometimes ilvl 264 gear with a bit of resilience is the right choice.

I agree entirely that the GearScore addon is really dumb about appropriate gear, enchants, and gems. The more complex UI you can pop up does have a per-role rating that seems reasonably subtle, but of course it's easy to ignore if you just look at the GS number in the tooltip.


Yes, the UI of EG is average. Usually the best (for 5-mans at least) is to just use "/eg summary" which provides a "at-a-glance" view of the group.
PvP stuff is useful for a tank in some cases, in general it isn't, so I agree with having it flagged.
As I said, I find the three numbers it provides a lot better at estimating player skill in the "averagely geared" range than the single GS score.

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