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When you get done with Lego Harry Potter, the Lego Indiana Jones games are also great.


+1 to lego indy. and it's so fun to hear that coop with a non-gamer was so successful!

otherwise, I agree on fable 3, brotherhood multiplayer (check out gamasutra's recent interview with chris hecker on spy party) cod blops, and facebook games. I'm surprised to hear about cataclysm and fallout new vegas. and as an introvert, I'm jealous about glitch, since I know I won't play it. :p

the two on my radar right now are ilomilo, which is charming and fun so far, and ghost trick, which may be too much puzzle and too little exploration for me, but still looks fascinating.


I tried Lego Indy #1 with my partner; we were having trouble with Harry Potter and I thought the simpler game might work for him. It didn't. He didn't connect with the story, didn't like all the jumping, and we both thought the environments seemed too simple compared to the Harry Potter games. Maybe I should try Lego Indy #2, or wait a few months for the new Lego Star Wars (Clone Wars). Meantime we're going to try World of Keflings next.

Ryan, I'm following on your heels in Fable 3. You have more STDs than me but I own more real estate :-) I may have just gotten screwed by save game states, though, we'll see.


"You have more STDs than me but I own more real estate :-)"

win. just...win.

the only thing that could make it better would be a common unit of measure so we could compare them directly, on a pure numbers basis.

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