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Huh - I thought that Kalon had quit months ago. Strange.


No, just gotten lazy :)

Also, Alaron is likely to stop posting and has put in his cancellation notice. So it's basically Vallen...and that's it.


While not putting myself in the same league as people like Alaron and Vallen, I write a (fairly new) feral blog. It is significant how many of the high-profile ferals are quietening down or quitting all together, but some of us are still here.


Cool Unglar, I just added a link to your blog in my post.


I have some feral blogging, although it is mostly tank stuff, at wayofthedruid.blogspot.com


Thanks Flyv, I think that's actually the first blogroll link I have! Certainly the first I'm aware of.


In answer to your question
I wonder if Rift is coming out at just the right time?

Yes, though I believe their success will not just be about timing.


I miss your writing Fly. Things are not done at the Fluid Druid. Alaron has choosen a couple guest bloggers. Come on over and give it a look.


You and Karthis (Andrew) were the ones that got me started, BTW. :)

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